Current Needs

Our Current Needs

We find that God has a way of supplying needs we have not yet realized,
of taking those concepts we see only as distant dreams and providing volunteers
ready, willing, and able to turn them into reality.
If you have talents or materials that God seems to be telling you
to send our way, by all means follow His directives!

In the meantime, we'll set out needs we feel to be relevant now, in October of 2002.



These volunteers much have their own financial support.

  • Construction workers - The construction workers at the Rural Center need assistance from VIM work teams to construct a residence for our first full time District Superintendent.
  • Construction workers -With the advance of the church through the creation of new congregations, new churches must be built. Twelve projects are in different stages of construction.
  • Craftsmen - Besides building the parsonage for our first fulltime District Superintendent, we are constructing the furnishings for the home.
  • Office Help - Computer trained and office skilled help is needed.
  • Fulltime Help - A younger retired couple, farm oriented and interested in helping youth, with mature Christian faith would find a wealth above and beyond material goods.
  • Volunteer-In-Mission - VIM teams are our lifeblood. We need their continued help for reconstruction of the facility, for construction work throughout the district, for health clinics, for Vacation Bible School, and for many other kinds of ministry.


  • Cars - Six good used cars for six pastors at $6000 per car. The advance demands more mobilization and family participation.
  • Refrigerators - The parsonage and parish need 2 refrigerators.
  • Stoves - The parsonage and parish need 3 stoves.
  • Computers and Printers - The parsonage and parish need 3 used computers and 3 printers.
  • Baby and Children's Clothes - New t-shirts are especially needed. Clothing can be used as packing when VIM teams come.
  • Mixer - A good used mixer.
  • A Vac Pack - A portable vacuum.


  • For Pastors - Partial pastoral support for student pastors and for pastors of new congregations is needed.
  • For Real Estate - With the advance of the church through the creation of new congregations, new lots for chapels must be purchased.
  • For Construction Workers - While VIM teams provide tremendous help with construction, our Rural Center construction force is a vital necessity throughout the year. Partial salary support to help maintain the construction force is needed.
  • To Send Financial Contributions for the Scholarship Fund or for Missionary Work in Costa Rica (Click Here)
To Supply these needs--or others--go to "To Volunteer"

And May God Bless You, Every One!

Nuestras necesidades actuales

Encontramos que Dios tiene una manera, que nos hayamos dado cuenta, de proveer las respuestas de nuestros problemas, Él convierte sueños en realidad. Si tienes talentos o recursos que Dios te pone entregarnos, por favor, ¡sigue Sus mandamientos!



Estas personas deben proveer su propia financiación.


  • Trabajadores de construcción  – 

  • Ayuda en la oficina -

  • Trabajo de tiempo completo -

  • Voluntarios-en-Misión –