Team Reflections - Grace UMC & Wesley UMC

Team Reflection


Grace UMC, Lewistown, PA and Wesley UMC, Selinsgrove, PA


Trip dates: Jan 5- 15, 2012 Team Leader: Ed Lerch



Team Members: Ed and Nancy Lerch, Staci Moist, Ron and Donna Thomas, John and Carol Dill, Kelley Anne Maguire, Ric and Hannah Geedy, Judy Hammer, Mary and James Kiel, Gene and Susan Reisinger, Wes Kile and Lori Wier, Sonia, Rebecca

Visit the link listed below to view a slideshow of photos from Grace UMC, Lewistown, PA and Wesley UMC, Selinsgrove, PA



Team Project:(what and where): We do construction work and bible schools.  Since our team is usually more women than men, we do a better job with our social skills than our construction skills.  We also have done a good job of raising funds over the years.  We are committed to growing and supporting the church in Los Chiles, helping the poor in the Los Chiles area, and supporting the Methodist Rural Center in any way that we can.

What was gained from the experience?: Two very important things: to help the poor people in the Los Chilies area and to become better Christians.  With our deepest gratitude to Marion and Mary, we have been very blessed in accomplishing both over the years! 

Church’s history with Centro Rural Metodista: We are usually the first team of the year coming shortly after January 1.  We would like to do a better job of staying in touch year around and addressing needs when we are not in the country.  We first got involved with the Methodist Rural Center in 2004 when Curt Knouse joined up with a Maryland team going to San Raphael.  Two years later we starting bringing our own team to Los Chilies where we helped build the initial church.  Over the years we helped with the construction of the two church buildings, the parsonage, and many homes for destitute church members.