Team Reflections - South Ashland UMC

Team Reflections


South Ashland UMC, St Matthews UMC, Trinity UMC and Mt. Airy 


Team/Church Name: South Ashland UMC, St. Matthews UMC, Trinity UMC, Mt. Airy Maryland

Trip dates: Feb 4-12 Team Leader: Ed Spears

Team members: Several members of all 4 churches, ranging from age 8 to older.



Visit the link listed below to view a slideshow of photos from South Ashland UMC


Team Project:(what and where):The team was spread out over several different projects in the area including, Church construction in Pital, Work on the educational building at Pital, Parsonage roof repair in Santa Fe, VBS in Pital, Barrio Chino and Santa Fe, Odd Jobs around the Rural Center and Ladies craft classes in Pital and Santa Fe.

What was gained from the experience?: These trips are the high point of my year. God has used Mary and Marion to minister and teach me things that I know can and have only come from God. – Ed Spears

Church’s history with Centro Rural Metodista: This year marks the 19th trip by South Ashland UMC. 18 of these trips have been to the Rural Center. Four years ago, the church of Pital was established as our sister church. Over the years we’ve done several projects to better the Rural Center such as, work on the guest house, Dennis’ House, Dining room construction, Cabin construction, Remodeling of the “Hilton”, the laundry room and on Mary and Marion’s home/office. We have done work outside the camp in El Mirador, Quesdada, Linda Vista, Pital and La Fortuna. We have also held VBS in several places over the years. In the past we have done Prison ministry at the prison in Santa Rosa and Minister Teaching sessions at the rural center.